June 17, 2020

I'm part of a cult called Orange Theory Fitness. We had our 1 Mile Benchmark today, and guess who ALMOST made their 2020 goal?!

ME. Jennifer. Pho. WHAT?!

I did 7 minutes and 14 seconds. Not quite my goal, but I think that's pretty good considering I just set myself that goal on June 1st. We had a virtual one mile benchmark back in.... April? And I vaguely remember doing roughly more than 8 minutes.

Anyway, EXCITEMENT IS SO REAL. 45 seconds better than my previous PR makes me jump with joy. If only you guys knew where I started.

How are you guys doing with your goals? I'd love to know. I'll update you guys as soon as I break 7 minutes. This is the first time I could say I'm excited about running a mile.


-Pho <3

June 1, 2020

It's never too late to set some goals! 2020 has been W I L D. But we've still gotta make the most of it! I had to adjust a few of my initial goals due to COVID, and that's fine! Life happens. What's the saying?

"God grant me the serenity to accept the cheap lasix 40 mg things I cannot  http://uniformesmaqnoh.com/galeria/ change, Courage to  chloroquine tablet price change the things I can, and  chloroquine tablets brand india Wisdom to know the  difference."

So, I've re-evaluated some of my goals for 2020. Here, I will keep myself accountable for these new goals of mine. I only pray I won't have to adjust them, again!

  1. Save one year of mortgage payments
  2. Lose 10 pounds
  3. Run a 7 minute mile
  4. Post Mukbang content (real dream job..)
  5. $10,000 in Vanguard account
  6. Half marathon
  7. Learn how to swim
  8. Blog twice weekly
  9. Airbnb Super Host
  10. Travel to 3 new cities

What are some of your goals?

-Pho <3