You’ve gotta start somewhere.. The hardest part is starting. Like going to the gym. Once you're at the gym, working out isn't bad. It's the part where you have to mentally talk yourself into just going that's difficult.

That's been my journey with blogging. Sitting here typing and letting my words flow is easy. But it took my years to just finally start! I started this page... in 2018? I've been paying the monthly fees, and I just haven't found the willpower to JUST. DO. IT. I hit one roadblock with figuring out WordPress, and I just hit snooze on my desire to get this started like I hit my morning alarm.

I wanted to start this blog for myself. To immortalize my journey to becoming debt-free, healthier mentally and physically, and just being happy. I'm 29 now. I want to surround myself with all things that make me happy and cut out the things that no longer grow me. With that being said, if any of my friends and family members read this, you're currently being re-evaluated. >:]

All jokes aside, I just want to hold myself more accountable for my daily actions and my thoughts. You know, the thoughts that you have can be poisonous, full of self-doubt, where YOU are the obstacle to your own personal growth. For the past 29 years, I've let Fear be in the driver seat of my life. I was scared to do this blog, for fear of judgment from my peers, internet trolls, etc. I was scared of failure. BUT NO MORE!

I want to do this blog as an outlet for myself. I want to be think and speak openly and honestly with myself. So, if you're reading this, I hope you'll enjoy the thoughts and content of a 29 year old, Vietnamese-American, southern, Catholic, Mississippian female's pursuit of happiness. Let's go!

-Pho <3

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